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Why Manufacturing Matters

Kate Thompson and Gerald Homes discuss the importance of manufacturing and why it matters. You won't want to miss this 1 hour webinar filled with...

Workforce Development

Providing the tools to help you advance your workforce. We are committed to contributing to the growth and success of manufacturers. Get involved or become a member and...

Welcome to CAM!

The Captivate Manufacturers Association provided leadership and guidance continuously to manufacturing associations for over 30 years. We devote our time in contributing to the growth and success of manufacturers. We believe we play a critical role in our state’s and nation’s continued economic recovery and long-term prosperity and will continue to be a strong, effective voice and resource for the industry.

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Stand up for Steel

UNTIL now, the steel industry has been remarkably successful in its campaign for Congress and the administration to “stand up for steel” against a surge of imports from Japan and elsewhere.

Career Center

 Members can post open positions, resumes or find a job. Our career center also offers you the opportunity to advance your knowledge and skillset. Today, the market...

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CMA is the only resource for manufacturers that saves its members time and money through Advocacy, Networking and Resources. Join today and start to...

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